OMG! Report, Mar 2022

CANOPUS Research
April 22, 2022

We are pleased to release the March 2022 edition of the OMG! Report, highlighting Online Multiplayer Gaming behaviours and patterns in Australia. This report is based on data Canopus Networks has collected by continuously analysing Internet traffic across roughly 100,000 households over the month of March 2022. We present insights into how gaming hours compare to streaming and conferencing, what games are most popular, which genres are most engaging, what latencies Australians are getting on various games, and how popular is it to live stream games. We hope you enjoy reading the report.

Vijay Sivaraman,
Canopus Networks
CANOPUS Research
CANOPUS Research is an internal group within CANOPUS Networks that work together to combine their unique insights in technology, market and social trends within the telco, AI, data science and future of internet space.

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